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Your spine is your lifeline, thus making chiropractic adjustments essential. If spinal joints are not moving correctly they affect nearby nerves. Chiropractic adjustments add motion to these "stuck" joints which minimizes any disruption to your nervous system. 


Different techniques are offered. A traditional, manual adjustment uses a highly accurate thrust or a slow constant pressure. Sometimes a popping noise can be heard. We can also use an Impulse IQ instrument for those who prefer or may require a non-manual adjustment. This is a gentle and precise option available for all ages.


Chiropractic adjustments feel good! Dr. Compton relies on his adjustments to help your body correct itself and they're highly effective.  Most patients report well-being and a sense of release. The pleasant experience is why our patients return for continued chiropractic care.


Adjustments are for everyone! Newborns, infants, children, pregnant women, seniors... everyone benefits from chiropractic adjustments. And each person's adjustment is tailored to his or her age, size, and condition.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

During this chiropractic therapy, electrodes are placed on the skin that send gentle electrical pulses to different areas of the body.  The purpose of electric muscle stimulation is to reduce inflammation, curtail muscle spasms, and relieve back pain.​

Therapeutic Exercises

Better known as "The Roller Bed", Intersegmental traction is an effective chiropractic therapy that induces passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints and increasing mobility. The intersegmental traction table helps to gently and effectively reestablish normal range of motion to your spine. It also facilitates muscle relaxation to significantly reduce muscle spasms.

Exercise combined with chiropractic care can help strengthen problem areas. Other benefits include: The promotion of proper digestion, keeps muscles in tone, and promotes better circulation. Recommended therapeutic exercises vary depending on your unique condition and needs. Many times they are simple and once shown what to do by Dr. Compton, you can do them on your own at home. 


It's common knowledge that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand for overall general wellness. But did you know back pain can be triggered by food and/or lack of fitness? When you're in for chiropractic treatments, you may receive dietary tips to help improve your individual situation in an effort to reap the most benefits (think of it as ROI) from your chiropractic adjustments and not only get well, but stay well.

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